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  • Restaurante Hotel El Far.  Faro (lighthouse) of Sant Sebastian: (5 minutes by car. Better for lunch than dinner). My recommendation: "grilled rice" (a kind of paella). Booking: 0034  972 301 639

Lighthouse of Sant Sebastian 


  • Restaurante Chez Tomás. (better for dinner). Our recommendation: fresh BBQ fish. Foie & hazelnuts Salad. Need to book. 0034 972306215

  • Restaurante Casamar. One Michellin star (very good, but expensive. You can go with children but they won't enjoy it as an adult does). It's in the stairs that go to Calella. Need to book: 0034  972.30 01 04.

  • Restaurante La Sirena: Casual. Very simple mediterranean home style meals. Typical. Good sardinas, Sirena's omelette, sangria,…. They don't make reservations so you need to go early.

  • Restaurante Leon: mediterranean home style meals. Good meals but the restaurant has not good view. Need to book: 0034 972 30 14 19

  • Restaurante Jani. 

  • Resturante Marmara.



  • (15 - 20  minutes by car) . There are many restaurants in this small village, but we love a very simple one: Restaurante Can Torrades (Carrer de la Concepcio Pi "Tató", 7,  Begur ). Need to book: 0034 972 622881. Our recomendation: BBq chicken, BBQ fish, "Can Torrades Salad" (has a little bit of garlic) and, as a dessert, "recuit de drap amb mel" (a kind of home fresh cheese with honey). When you make the booking try to ask to sit close to the chimney, if it's winter time.


  • Small village full of nice restaurants.

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